Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love and Marriage. Preschooler Style.

In the car, on a recent outing, the following words were exchanged with my four-year-old:

HER: Mom, are you and Dad married?

ME: Uh, yes.

HER: Are Miya's parents married?

ME: Yep. Most of the parents you know are married. Someday, maybe you'll get married if you want to.

HER: I want to!

ME (inciting revolution wherever I can): But not until you're older. You can marry a boy or, by that time, hopefully you'll be able to marry a girl in California, if you want to.

HER: I want to! No, no, no, no! I mean I want to marry Thomas. I'm going to be his engine.

ME: (!) Wow, his engine, huh?

HER: No! NO! I mean, I'm going to be his DRIVER.


  1. Totally adorable! And do you know this Thomas?

  2. It's Thomas the Tank Engine, Emme's long obsession. Just click on the link to learn more about him. He's blue. And very English.

  3. Your daughter says some seriously interesting things. What happens when a poet raises a poet.

  4. I like the way this girl thinks!

  5. My niece is crazy for Thomas, too. Cracks me up!

  6. Did Thomas usurp the Little Engine that Could? children say the darndest things

  7. Interestingly, Maxine seems to have rebelled against Thomas, possibly because her big brother SO got there first. She'd marry Dora, since it's legal in California...

    But the relationship between Thomas and his driver is a problematic one. I once had a (small) part in a (very long) conversation with Sheadon, who explained to me that Thomas was the Boss and the Driver had to go where Thomas wanted him to; "like you're the Boss of Mommy."

    That put in train (so to speak) a week where Debra was very visibly the Boss of Me, but I'm not sure the Peeper was convinced.

  8. May I also add my delight in this sudden cloudburst of blog posts? Fun. Thanks.

  9. Ditto what FDChief says. I'm just catching up; I've spent a few pleasant moments reading your last few blog posts and am happy to see you blogging again.

    It sounds like your bright girl is shining. But she might have to compete with my friend Grant for Thomas's affections.