Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bits of Blue Wind.

The wind is picking up ahead of a three-day storm, and as I just now looked up through the window, the Western bluebirds are suddenly everywhere in the deodars and on the lawn. As birds, they are relentlessly unstill. They toss and regroup and--who knew?--harbinge. It isn't the first time they've arrived just in front of the rains.


  1. I've never known a passerine to BE still. That seems to be the domain of the raptors, and the Ardeidae.

    They're smart - and lazy, too, just like us. Why work rowing the wind when you can let the storm push you along and loaf?

  2. Au contraire, I find them to be FULL of energy. That was part of my point. They never stop, between branch and blade, wire and post, dipping and rising.

    One might mistake their zags of blue for wind-tossed papers.

  3. Maybe smart is a better word than lazy, as in "Work smart, not hard"...

    Like a good primate they seem to bustle about getting the small stuff accomplished. But when they need to make the BIG can trudge along wingbeat by wingbeat or you can let the Gods of Storms pick you up and throw you over the next mountain range. So you can save your energy for bustling around the pasture catching bugs when you get there...