Sunday, February 8, 2009

Always Up for a Challenge.

I just came across this challenge today as I was surfing some blogs of folks who are actually local to me, and I thought, why not?

The fact that I've never written a poem about bacon before--or, in fact, about any meat product whatsoever--does not deter me. I heart bacon, after all.

BLTS (and their southern Californian sidekick, BLATS) are always on my list of the Top Five Foods You Would Take With You To A Desert Island--the others being raspberries, sushi, pesto, salt bagels, and the crab dip my mother used to make at Christmas.

Oh. Yeah. That's six. *Sigh.* Food, I can do. Math, not so much.

Anyway. The rules are this: "You have one week to post something that will appeal to the masses' love of bacon." I am squeaking in under the wire, which I believe is 8:54 PM tonight.

Here is my entry into the The Great Bacon Caper, which requires one to know something of this other poem by Ezra Pound.

On the Stove in the Kitchen
(after Pound)

The anticipation of this bacon in the pan;
Pastries for a salt-tooth girl.

After I jotted down the poem, I got hungry. Then I re-read the title of the challenge and thought I should have included something about capers. 'Cause they're like #6 on my list of Food I Would Take With Me To A Desert Island. Just ahead of black olives.


  1. Wow. I would come to your desert island to visit, because your menu is similar to mine. Except I would also have white rice with plenty of butter. And salt.

    I don't believe I've read a poem about bacon before, but yummmmm.

  2. Love the poem. And I'm so glad you found our challenge.

  3. I also responded to the bacon challenge.

    I'm a salt tooth girl too.

  4. I'm thinking an egg bagel with cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, smoked salmon and pepper bacon.

    The arterial blockage would be well worth it.

    Call me a hickory-smoked-salt-tooth boy...