Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Itch That Must Be Scratched.

I read a poet-blogger the other day describe her inability to find the time or opportunity to write as making her itch.

I get that. Only I feel like I've gained weight, rather than broken out in hives. I feel bloated. And like my clothes don't fit anymore. Everything is too tight and about to pop buttons.

This is a metaphor.

I've been retaining words all summer, and I finally intend to shed some serious pounds. I'm meeting my muse in the morning, and we have a bruising work-out scheduled.

Tomorrow, my daughter goes back to school.


  1. Give that muse a big mug o' coffee to welcome her back home!

  2. You're writing right now.

    No, wait. Working out.

    To me it's distraction, an inability to keep my mind on whatever I'm doing that is not writing. People will sometimes ask me, "Did you hear what I said?" and I'll have to refocus.

  3. Petrea, Another blogger friend of mine was recently posting about how and if blogging and facebooking and tweeting is "really" writing--there's an interesting conversation happening in the comments:

  4. I hope your day of word spillage was everything you hoped it would be.

    Did your daughter enjoy her return to school?

  5. She was downright giddy when we picked her up. I believe independent work may be good for everyone involved.

  6. Who doesn't have days like this? its a marathon, life is.

  7. and Linda, I lost 20 pounds (all the weight I had gained since I moved here from New York 5 years ago) swimming every day.

    I'll tell you, its a lot easier than working out!

    (or, heaven forbid, jogging)

  8. Virginia, I was actually not speaking of gaining literal weight in my post--or of literally working out. I just feel like I've put on *poet* weight because I haven't written anything since May. I have pounds of words to lose onto the page because of my non-writing. Although I'm sure I could stand to lose some actual weight, too.

  9. Siiiigh.

    Someday my words will just drop off me again, too.

  10. I hate my thin days -- lots of fat and no weight.

  11. Hopefully you're reaching your full pumpitude. Those action verbs can really take it out of you, so stay hydrated!

    Good luck in the literary gym.