Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Windows of Santa Fe.

Recently, I was in Santa Fe for the annual conference of a regional aesthetics group I've been involved with for about 10 years. Let's just say, it ain't easy being green. Ongoing hotel renovations; strong personalities; relentless heat; missing furniture; missing black-out curtains; last-minute cancellations; bored preschoolers; and unfortunate encounters with mental illness make for a challenging time.

Of course, there are also all the reasons why I keep coming back to this meeting, year after year: good friends; fabulous meals; secret courtyards, strung with little white Christmas lights and blooming with pink hollyhocks; music on the plaza; Georgia O'Keefe; the holy dirt of Santuario de Chimayo; intellectually challenging talks; and deep glasses of dark wine on the loggia.

This year, I did a reading of my poetry, and I had books to sell afterwards. I actually made some money on my writing.

And windows. I love the windows of Santa Fe. I like that we know they have depths behind them, even though they're all about surface.

Liminal spaces are the best. That's what I call living at the edge.


  1. This is great. Congratulations on returning as a reader, and selling your work!

  2. Ah. I've been wondering where you were. What a time it must have been. Glad to have you back and congratulations on reading and selling. Was this the new book? Where can I get mine?

  3. I'm with Petrea. I want a book too. Will you be doing a reading out here?

  4. Thanks, guys. Yes, I hope to do several readings (including Vromans) in the fall, after the official publication date passes (October 1st). You'll hear about it, here, if no where else!

  5. One place my bride has been that I have not is Santa Fe. You make me sorry I've missed it; perhaps she'll steal me away there someday.

    And congratulations on your literary success; "Aut insanit mulier, aut versus facit". Plaudite!

  6. I've been working my way around "Regional Esthetics Group" I like that it included a page of unusual offerings throughout Santa Fe; and that DH Lawrence is in concrete. Thats weird. And that your president. Thats good.

    Congratulations... is this a recent publication?

    My favorite window is the one with the radiating iron work on it

  7. Liz, my poetry book is coming out this fall...I just got the review copies last month, so I'm still in the glow of disbelief. And, yeah, D.H. Lawrence's ashes in concrete is pretty wild. That's what I call staying power.