Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winners of the Big Poetry Giveaway!

Okay! It's the morning after, and I have generated randomly. Thank you to my twenty lovely commenters. This was fun. (Sorry for my random generator BIG FONT type on the second one--it's early on a Sunday morning, and I can't figure out how to get the HTML down to normal size quickly. But they were generated fairly and squarely...)

The person who will receive a copy of my book, In Defense of Objects, is the twelth commenter, Guy ‘Dhyan’ Traiber. I'll be sending you an email for contact info pronto!

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The second person to win, who will receive a copy of Bluets by Maggie Nelson is the nineteenth commenter, Samuel Sargent, who seems to have gotten exactly what he asked for! Hope you love it.

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Just give me a few moments to collect myself, and I will send out the contact emails for your mailing addresses, and your new treasures will be on their way to you. Thanks for participating!


  1. I would have played, but as you know, I have two copies of your book and won't need a third for another few months.

  2. What! I feel robbed. This is another humble day for me. But not for you! Congratulations!